Monday, March 17, 2014

ysa events : disclaimer

dear everyone yang kena tipu by ysa.
i just want to clarify that i am in no way affiliated to ysa wedding & events.
the reason i shared their promo on my page was because they somewhat did ok in the end (for my reception), by delivering what they said they would.
i am truly sorry to all those brides and grooms yang kena tipu, i can only imagine how it must be to have saved up tons of money only be taken away by some conman.
i will leave the previous posts on my page for future reference, but please don't think i am helping them ke apa.
this is my experience with ysa and it's written for u to judge and decide.

Monday, January 6, 2014

ysa events : chronology

ok nak cerita a bit pasal ysa wedding & events, pasal ada someone commented on my previous post yang dia pernah kena tipu.
to be honest memang i saw tons of bad reviews pasal ysa but the reason i took them was because of their offer.
it was in june and they had a mid year sale and since my wedding was in september i malas nak fikir dah so ambik je dia.
their price pun ok and masa awal awal email all reply memang prompt, siap terus ajak jumpa esok.

so ok lah, esok nya 6th june i jumpa dia with my mom then dah decide nak apa semua kena bayar deposit 50%.
at that point the total canopy and add ons i wanted was about rm10k so deposit yang we paid was rm5k.
then dia kata nanti dia akan email receipt and additional service yang dia ada (sebab i wanted to know what else they can do) but dah dua minggu senyap je.
so i messaged him, dia macam tak reply, tapi i'm not the type yang suka push orang so i just sent an email and biar je, that was on 19th june, dia reply kata akan send esok sebab dia busy banyak outstation.
tapi esok tu senyap je.

time tu i dah malas lah then i search tengok banyak kena "tipu", i baca blogs, kahwinmall review and banyak lah lagi.
i siap comment dekat one blog ni tanya macam mana diorang but that girl cakap ok je sebab asal dia call ke message mesti reply.
then tengok tengok dia delete facebook dia, time tu i memang dah tak sedap hati.
30th june i message dia something macam ni.
Hey, whats up with u? Why u still tak email and delete facebook all? U dah tak nak buat ke apa? Orang semua call tak angkat. So means u dah tak nak buat anything ke? If u tak nak then just let me know so i can cari orang lain. U can just refund the money i paid. Just cakap awal2 so that tak susahkan i.
5 minutes after that dia terus call mintak email, walhal i'm sure dia ada sebab first time i deal dengan dia thru email kot, dia delete ke apa, but whatever i bagi je lah.
then 8th july i message lagi sebab still tak receive the receipt, and call, tapi dia tak jawab so i email, i cakap i tahu benda ni not a big deal since i just nak the receipt and list of additional services but kalau benda kecik pun tak boleh bagi how i nak trust dia buat the wedding properly, and tak kan lah nak senyap je sampai hari event tu, kalau i ada nak ubah2 apa how.
then esok pagi dia email i receipt but thats it, without the list of additional service.

punya lah susah dan leceh nak deal but suddenly dia macam berubah.
like he took the effort to meet up with me and masa jumpa siap tunjuk drawing semua.
so i concluded mungkin dia ada masalah kot time tu yang masa tak reply semua.
then after that semua nya ok, i siap added some other services from them lagi.
boleh kata once in two weeks lah jumpa (sampai i pun penat), tapi sebab i ambil banyak canopy and pelamin and decor pun semua suruh dia buat so banyak lah kot benda nak discuss.

my wedding was at night and it was held outdoors so i had about 20 canopies so since canopy banyak, they had to pasang awal, like the reception was on saturday and they started setting up tuesday night.
and every night he will send me pictures up to the day of the reception with report on the progress and all.
so entah lah, in the end they did deliver but leading up to the event tu macam ada hiccups yang tak best.
but i believe in a second chance so since they did change for the better (and delivered) tu lah pasal i'm recommending them.
but takut lah pulak since the previous commenter ada tulis suruh buat research since ramai dah kena tipu.
i'm not denying, i did the research and found awful stories but entah lah, gut feeling suruh go ahead je (sebenarnya dah malas nak cari orang lain) walaupun ada rasa menyesal sikit masa dia hilang tu but in the end ok je.
so, ini my experience with them, nak kata bagus gila tu takde lah but takde lah teruk sangat pun sebab everything went well in the end.
maybe i'm lucky ke i dont know but syukur sangat it all turned out ok.

my reception, everything by ysa wedding & events.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

ysa wedding promo

ok dah lama tak update tapi tiba tiba rasa nak tulis.
actually because i saw YSA wedding & events ada buat promo right now for transparent arabian canopy.
and for my wedding i used their service and i'm very satisfied.
so kalau ada any bride to be (or groom to be) yang looking for transparent canopy, do check out YSA's facebook.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chalks and colors

nampak tak iklan mydeal vibrant hair chalks tu?
it's rm28 for a box and konon nya dah discount 53%. banyak gila, more than half.
sebenarnya u can get these hair chalks way cheaper at art shops.
i clicked on the ad because i wanted to see what it was and macam biasa, it's soft pastel.
yang mana ada dijual di kedai alat lukisan.
siapa duduk area taman melawati, boleh cari dekat west star.

so anyway, i think this was super popular like a year back kan?
and i was super excited jugak lah about it.
jumpa pulak one blog ni ajar macam mana nak buat, and time tu takde these deals jual hair chalk, esok tu terus pergi art shop beli one pack of soft pastels.
at first i went to mph, takde, jusco pun takde.
nasib baik ada dekat west star.

balik je rumah terus lari masuk bilik, tak sabar nak try.
then excited nak mampus terus buat banyak gila color at once, hijau, kuning, merah.
i looked like a walking traffic light but i didnt care because i was soooo excited.
siap paksa adik semua buat k.
it lasts quite lama if you buat cara yang betul and the colors are quite vibrant.
to wash it off, u can just basahkan rambut je.
like the first time i did it masa tengah semangat nak try all colors tu i just stuck the colored strands of hair under the tap pun boleh hilang, means tak payah lah shampoo semua.
tapi at the end of the day kena lah shampoo kalau tak i think akan keras and kusut.
so if anyone wants to try, u can just go to any art shop and look for soft pastels.
boleh lah nak berangan cool kejap kan?

konon nak buat ombre, tapi tak jadi. cis.